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Vishwa Samvad Kendra,Chennai


Pancha is five inSamskritam, Amritam is nectar

 Poornima/ Kali Yugaabda 5113 / Kara Aavani 26(September 12, 2011)


The judiciary has enhanced the anti-corruption fightof the state Government of Bihar by confiscating the multi - storied edifice ofIAS Shiv Shankar Verma who was suspended by the Vigilance department on hisdisproportionate income. The Special Vigilance Unit raided Verma's house on 6thJuly, 2007 and found the entire movable and the fixed properties mounting to Rs1.43 crores, that made up the largest share of his unaccounted income source. Theillegal and unaccountable property of the official has been confiscated by thecourt and handed over to the HRD ministry of the state. The Chief Minister ofBihar Nitish Kumar decided to open up a school for the poor children in thispalatial house on Bailey Road, Patna (Bihar, Bharat).    August 22, 2011.


Dr. Meera Krishna is the project coordinator for theSiruvani branch of Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development (CORD). A fewyears ago, illiteracy, poverty and alcoholism prevented development of any kindat Thennamanallur, Coimbatore district, (Tamilnadu, Bharat). Most houses didnot have toilets. Women rarely stepped out of their homes. But things changedonce Meera set up a CORD office in the village. "I've always wanted to serve ina rural set-up," says 48-year-old Meera. "After 16 years of practice inChennai, we moved to Coimbatore for my daughter's education. She studied at theChinmaya International Residential School in Siruvani." Meera passed by Thennamanallurwhenever she visited her daughter. She thought it was a perfect place for herclinic. "I volunteered here for a year," she says, till CORD identified her in2006. Meera has been on her toes ever since. "It's all about bringing peopletogether. Self Help Groups (SHGs), magalir mandrams and farmers' clubs havebeen formed. So far, we have 19 SHGs and three farmers clubs in Thennamanallurpanchayat", says Meera. Through CORD, Meera has also facilitated additionalincome generation activities for the women. In Puthur, for example, Angathalmakes winnows and Devi makes paper covers. Old Kannamal and Palanichamy mixphenyl. A shop in Thennamanallur is dedicated to products made by the women.They sell homemade pain balms, handmade sanitary napkins, paper bags, paperpackets, wire baskets and vegetables straight from farmers. With the loans fromlocal banks, over 170 families have built toilets at home after Meera told themabout the importance of hygiene. (Email - From THE HINDU, July 21, 2011. (Idea: Dr.M.Jayaraman)


Shri Mohammed Ansari, an Amdavadi (Ahmedabad,Gujarat, Bharat) auto-rickshaw driver, on Saturday (September 9, 2011) morning,returned a bag containing Rs 20 lakh worth of diamonds to the trader who hadforgotten it in his three-wheeler without checking the contents. He was laterfelicitated by the trader and police. Ansari has to feed his family of eight.On Saturday, his first customer was Rupesh Jain, a diamond trader from Jaipur,who had come to the city to meet his ailing mother. He hired Ansari from theKalupur railway station to a private hospital in Thaltej. "Ansari hadloaded Jain's bag into his rickshaw and driven off assuming that the passengerwas already in the backseat. However, Jain was left behind at the station withhis other luggage and the diamonds in the rickshaw. "Ansari realised hismistake when he reached Dilli Darwaza and drove back to the railwaystation," said D S Patel, inspector of Kalupur police station. By then,Jain had reached the police station and narrated his tale of missing diamonds.When the complaint was being recorded, Ansari came there. Jain rushed to thebag and was overwhelmed to see the diamonds still there. THE TIMES OF INDIA, September 11, 2011. (Idea: ShriRaghuraman).


Smt Rajalakshmi Parthasarathy, better known as Mrs.YGP, began her career 50 years ago and is still going strong. The concept ofcontinuous assessment was practised in the schools she founded much before theCBSE implemented it recently. You can be forgiven for being acutely embarrassedwhen a well-dressed young man falls at your feet with the greeting "Sri GurubyoNamah" on a sidewalk in New York. But for Mrs. YGP it was a moment of joy. Shesaw in that spontaneous gesture, the success of what she had set out to do 50years ago, under the temporary roof of her terrace. Here was her student,western in dress and location, but Indian in speech and manner. Her school washer answer to the irony of Indians abandoning their pre-independencenationalism for unrestrained Westernisation. She retained English as the mediumbut the message strongly reflected Indian mythology, Vedic scriptures,traditions and values. The suspension her son suffered for carrying an idol tohis school only firmed up her resolve. Her school walls echo with the Bhakti ofclassical music, dance and drama along with Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. It was hercrusade for the "Indianisation of our children."Based on a report by Smt Geeta Padmanabhan in THE HINDU, September 10, 2011.


The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) has prepared patent formats of nearly 900 yoga asanas (postures), toprevent European and Americann companies involved in fitness-related activitiesfrom claiming them as their own. These asanas will all be included in thedigitalised Traditional Knowledge Library (TKDL), set up by CSIR to collect andrecord traditional treatment therapy knowledge. Medicines and yoga asanasregistered with it enjoy the status of being patented. "Video recordingsof the asanas are also being made and recorded to prevent them from beingstolen," said TKDL director Dr VK Gupta. The CSIR began the project in2006. These 900 asanas have been collected from Patanjali's classic work onyoga, as well as other ancient classics like the Bhagwat Gita. Gupta said anumber of countries had already laid claim to around  250 of these postures. Some foreign companieshave even patented some of them. Foreign companies have been selling some ofthe yoga postures as therapies to relieve stress or backaches."How cansomeone else patent these asanas which are a part of our traditional treatmenttherapy knowledge? They should not be allowed to use them for commercialpurposes," Dr Gupta said. June 7, 2010.




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