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(pancha is five in samskritam; amritam is nectar)
Poornima / Kali Yugabda 5117 / Manmatha Aadi 15 (July 31, 2015)


Shri V. Adikesavan, the managing director of Sowbhagya wet grinders, recounts an occasion: “Once President APJ Abdul Kalam had come to Erode to attend a function sponsored by
Sowbhagya in August 2014. On that occasion, we gave him a grinder as a gift. He refused to accept it, but said he needed one for his family and wanted to pay for it. He then sent a person to our shop with a cheque for Rs 4,850 dated August 25, 2014.” Adikesavan was reluctant to receive money from Kalam and did not encash the cheque for over a month. But Kalam threatened to return the grinder till Adikesavan assured him that the cheque would be encashed. “A month later, I received a call from Kalam’s office asking why the cheque has not been deposited. Further, Kalam directed me to deposit the cheque to avoid returning the grinder,” Adikesavan continued. Trapped, Adikesavan reluctantly agreed to deposit the cheque. “I did not want to let go of the treasure on my hands and decided to keep a copy of the cheque. I got it scanned and have framed it. The very next day I deposited the cheque and received a message from Kalam’s office thanking me for doing so,” Adikesavan added. The framed copy of the cheque is displayed in the shop. (Based on a report by Shri Sankar CG in THE NEW INDIA EXPRESS, July 31, 2015).

Taking into consideration the commendable performance, courage and dedication to duty of railway employee Ashwani Kumar, Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu has approved an award of Rs. 50000 for him for his alertness and courage in detecting the bomb and saving the lives of hundreds of passengers in Punjab.Ashwani Kumar is working as Keyman of a gang on pathankot- Amritsar section of Firozpur division of Northern Railway.  On 27-07-2015 a terrorist attack was made in Gurdaspur district of Punjab in early morning hours. A suspected bomb type object was planted on bridge no 236 on Pathankot-Amritsar Railway Line (near Dinanagar). Keyman Ashwani Kumar while doing patrolling duty detected the same at around 6:00 hrs. He immediately swung into action and ran in the direction from where Train No 54612 was approaching towards the bridge. Without caring for his personal safety, he managed to stop the train before the bridge. The daring act of Ashwani Kumar, Keyman saved the lives of hundreds of passengers who were travelling in the train and saved major bridge from damaging in Pathankot- Amritsar section. On account of his attentiveness and vigilance, a major mishap was thus averted. (News Bharati, July 30, 2015).



People young and old join RSS and each one finds his life transformed and becomes socially oriented. This transformation of Swayamsevaks in Shakhas has been going on for 90 years due to the congenial atmosphere created in the Shakha by Sangh Guru i.e., Bhagwa Flag. A youth of Vellore Jilla (Tamilnadu, Bharat), is a case in point. He had the habit of drinking liquor; he attended the 7 - day camp (Pratamik Sikshana Vargha) in 2014.  Due to the training he had undergone and due to the Satsang in the camp, he left his drinking habit for good.  After the training, he started a Shakha and invited his friends, who were also having the habit of drinking liquor.  Due to the atmosphere in the Shakha, his friends also left the habit of drinking, within a short time. Another example of transformation is Aachiappan (60) a trainee of Vishesha Sangh Sikha Vargha, held in Salem this year (2015). He reminisced: “In 1970s when the DK took out a procession of a picture of Lord Shri Ram with a garland of slippers in Salem, slippers were thrown deridingly at the picture.  I was one among the people who threw chappals.  Now, after this 20 day training programme feel that this camp is the atonement of the sin committed by me out of ignorance that day.” (As told to team PANCHAAMRITAM by Shri Prasad of RSS).

Nischal Narayanam, the kid who spotted the mistakes in a balance sheet of his dad’s company as a nine-year-old has become the youngest Chartered Account in the country at just 19. Smt Padmavathy, who holds a Ph.D in Sanskrit from Osmania University, was the first to recognise his talent when he was just nine. “He was passionate about numbers and I was amazed at his skills.” The curious mother then checked the Internet to find mentors from
across the world to guide his son on improving his mathematical skills. However, Nischal will have to wait for two more years to sign on the balance sheets of the company as the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) doesn’t enrol members less than 21 years. His extraordinary memory and abilities enabled him to become the youngest ‘Double Guinness World Record holder' in the category of memory, youngest World Memory Champion, one of the “7 brilliant brains of the world” as accredited by National Geographic Channel and youngest graduate in the history of Osmania University from where he completed his B.Com and M.Com. Deloitte International audit firm, where Nischal did his article ship for CA, recognised his amazing abilities and invited him as a special invitee and speaker at their Global Conference in Shanghai, attended by delegates from 190 countries. (Based on a report by Shri R. Ravikanth Reddy in THE HINDU July 23, 2015).

“I congratulate Shri. Nana Deshmukhji, founder of DRI, and the Deendayal Research Institute for achieving self-reliant sustained development of eighty villages and my best wishes for your next target  of realizing the development of total five hundred villages much before 2009. Eighty Litigation free villages in Chitrakoot is a good example to be followed by many districts. This will substantially reduce the load in our courts. Recently, I visited Deendayal research Institute in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh. There I found that the institute is facilitating a cohesive conflict free society. As a result of this, I understand that the eighty villages around Chitrakoot are almost litigation free. The villagers have unanimously decided that no dispute will find its way to the courts. The differences will be sorted out amicably in the village itself. This happened because of the inspirational leadership at Chitrakoot. This movement has to be encouraged in the rural areas by different State governments. (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, President of India on a visit to Chitrakoot, UP, on October 6, 2005; Nanaji was an RSS Pracharak who devoted his life to rural upliftment).
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