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(pancha is five in samskritam; amritam is nectar)
Poornima / Kali Yugabda 5117 / Manmatha Purattaasi 11 (September 28, 2015)

This issue of PANCHAAMRITAM is devoted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s - “Mann Ki Baat” – his monthly broadcast over Akashvani which completed one year this September. A bunch of inspiring anecdotes from out of the 12 Mann Ki Baat talks.


Many may not know that 15 lakh Indian soldiers fought in the World War I (1914-1918). Of them 74,000 have sacrificed their lives and 9,200 were honoured with gallantry awards. (Mann Ki Baat, April 25, 2015).
** Over 30 lakh families have surrendered their LPG subsidy, and not just the rich. Most are from the lower middle and middle classes like retired teachers, pensioners. This is nothing but proof of that a silent revolution is on. (Mann Ki Baat, September 20, 2015).

A big team of officials in the Harda district administration in Madhya Pradesh is at something wonderful. These officials are waging a “mala yuddham” (war on human refuse). They honour anyone who gifts a toilet to his sister on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan festival with the title ‘Number One Brother’.  See what a dimension the concept of Raksha Bandhan has assumed! (Mann Ki Baat, July 26, 2015).

Serhiy Nazarovych Bubka is a former Ukrainian pole vaulter. He represented the Soviet Union until its dissolution. He is credited to have broken his own records 35 times. He challenged himself; he put himself to test. My dear young students, if you too followed him in this aspect, no one can prevent your progress. Face the exam cheerfully. Make it a festival fit to be enjoyed. (Mann Ki Baat, February 2, 2015).

“Some people wonder, what does "Barack" mean? I was searching for the meaning of Barack. In Swahili language, which is spoken in parts of Africa, Barack means, one who is blessed. I believe, along with a name, his family gave him a big gift. African countries have lived by the ancient idea of 'Ubuntu', which alludes to the 'oneness in humanity'. They say - "I am, because we are". Despite the gap in centuries and borders, there is the same spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which we speak of in India. This is the great shared heritage of humanity. This unites us. When we discuss Mahatma Gandhi, we remember Henry Thoreau, from whom Mahatma Gandhi learnt disobedience. When we talk about Martin Luther King or Obama, we hear from their lips, respect for Mahatma Gandhi. These are the things that unite the world.” ( Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the special Mann Ki Baat aired on January 27,2015, jointly with US President Barrack Obama, who was in New Delhi as the Guest of Honour at the Republic Day parade, 2015).
Shri Bharat Gupta from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, posted this on website: “Nowadays awareness of cleanliness is high among people, particularly the Railway users, thanks to Swatch Bharat campaign. Passengers look for a dust bin in compartment. If they do not find one, they keep all the waste heaped neatly in a corner. They don’t litter all over.” On reading this I was very happy. (Mann Ki Baat, October 3, 2014).
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