Thursday, July 24, 2008


In his weekly column“Thanneer Vitto Valarthom?” (in Shri. Cho’s Tamil weekly THUGLAK of April 23, 2003), Shri.S.Gurumurthy wrote on PANCHAAMRITAM :

“There do exist thousands of people who are good, who are honest. Late Shri.Shivaramji, a senior pracharak of RSS (one of my mentors), once conducted a survey in Chennai city. It involved, over a period of one year, meeting honest people. At the end of the year he had met more than 300 honest and good-hearted people including bureaucrats, merchants, auditors, auto drivers, motor mechanics and many more who represent a cross-section of the society. Shri.Shivaramji could collect information as well about more than 1,500 honest people. If the effort of a single person in just a year can bring out information about so many honest people in the society one can certainly imagine how many more such honest people we have among us. There is no newspaper or organization to collect and disseminate good news among people. A great effort to spread good news among people is ‘PANCHAAMRITAM’. PANCHAAMRITAM is a medicine for people who have become sick by the notion that nothing good happens.