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The ministry of defence is working towards developing secret codes using Sanskrit (of late, spelt as Samskritam). The 'Panini methodology' of the language is to be applied in keeping the information under wrap. In his work Ashtaadhyayi, we find Panini’s method of coding in which maximum could be said in a little space. This involves two steps comprising a combination of 4000 sutras. First, a sutra once used in his work is never repeated, and is replaced by a code, says Dr. Prakash Pandey, assistant director for research and development, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan. Second, Panini created situation-based principles, termed adhikar sutras, wherein you find a change in code once in a few hundred words making it impossible for an intruder to comprehend anything. At this rate, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and all the hacks in Muslim countries may hasten to learn Sanskrit even before the Hindus do, to break the codes, that is! Even if a terrorist breaks a code using Panini methodology, he will not be able to decode, as he will not be in a position to decipher which code had been used for what purpose. This can really solve many problems that the ministry of defence faces for lack of a reliable coding system. Union home secretary N. Gopalaswami had announced that a software firm in Bangalore he had asked to develop a coding system after studying the methodology used by Panini, informed Dr. Pandey.

(Idea: Shri. Arun Venkataraman).


The following letter appeared in "Dear Abby," a syndicated column published in hundreds of U.S. newspapers: “Dear Abby, I am a Hindu woman living in the 'Bible Belt' [southern USA]. Many of my friends and acquaintances are Christians, and they are all wonderful -- except for one thing. Some try in small, subtle ways to convert me to their faith. With Christmas approaching, I know what's coming -- boxes of baked goodies with little brochures and pamphlets tucked inside all about Jesus and the Christian faith. I wish you would remind people that all of us in this diverse nation should respect the faiths of others. To try to convert someone to your faith implies that you consider your religious beliefs superior, and that is just plain wrong. I know these gestures are well meant, but I wouldn't dream of sending Hindu brochures with my holiday goodies. Abby, what is a tactful, but firm, way of dealing with this?" Signed, Happy Hindu In The Bible Belt. Abby's response: Dear Happy Hindu, much as you would like, you are not going to change people who feel it's part of their religious commitment to "save" you. Ignore the brochures and enjoy the goodies.

(Based on a CHICAGO TRIBUNE (December 21, 2002) feature under headline ‘American Advice Columnist Responds To A Hindu's Concern’).


A Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh, Bharat) boy has literally had his niche carved in the galaxy for his brilliant invention. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), US, has named '12509 Pathak' - a recently spotted minor planet between Mars and Jupiter - after Madhav Pathak - a Class X student. "We feel proud to name the minor planet discovered by LINEAR programme in honour of students and teachers recognised by Science Service Programmes", says a letter from the Lincoln Laboratory, US. Pathak has earned the rare honour for his innovation 'Nova Front Face Braille Writer' that helps the visually handicapped to read and write from left to right like a normal person. The visually impaired person writes from right to left and then turns over the punched paper sheet to read what is written.The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR) of India has got this invention of Madhav patented as co-assignee. Pathak is being awarded first prize, carrying Rs 50,000 cash at the CSIR Diamond Jubilee Awards, for 'Invention of School Children'. .He has also bagged the World Intellectual Research Organisation (WIPO) Award for the "Outstanding Student Inventor". (Yoga master of world renown, Shri. B.K.S. Iyengar too had been honoured likewise years back. The Ministry of Federal Star Registration, USA, had named a star in the northern hemisphere after the master. )

(Idea: Shri. Arun Venkataraman).


S.Satyamoorthy(now 66) had to retire prematurely in 1993 since he suddenly lost vision in both eyes. He was working as Office Superintendent in Chennai Port Trust. He has been writing for children in Tamil magazines for decades under pen name ‘Pooram’. He is the recipient of several awards for his literary work. A native of Pudukkottai, he lives in Triplicane, Chennai. Every day, he ventures out taking the help of others, to teach Veda recitation to about 15 boys. “ I have learnt Vedas. One cannot learn Vedas with the help of printed books or pre recorded cassettes, you see”, says Satyamoorthy. On January 13, 2003, he was awarded ‘Vidya Seva Ratna’ by Kanchi Sankaracharya.

(Based on a DINAMANI report of January 12, 2003.)


He was just 36. But, late Shri. Gulshan Kumar was so successful in selling his T-series cassettes that he reached the top of the list of Income Tax payers for 1992-93. The total amount that this staunch believer in God paid as tax that year was Rs. 3,94,88,913 (a little less than Rs. 4 crore). While other businessmen express their pride at evading taxes, Gulshan Kumar whose turnover that year was Rs. 200 crore, felt that paying his taxes was equivalent to charity. “I dreamt of the gods telling me that the best way to please them was through charity, be it through giving alms or contributing to the government’s coffers ”, he said. Shri. Kumar had started his career as a fruit - juice shop owner in Delhi; he was reportedly murdered by members of Mumbai’s underworld, for ignoring their extortion threat.

(Based on a ‘PEOPLE’ column item in

BUSINESS TODAY, October 22—November 6, 1993).