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Pancha is five in Samskritam, Amritam is nectar

Amavaasya / Kali Yugaabda 5113 / Kara Maasi 9,(February 21 2012)


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Shri Kanakasabhai is a Homoeopath of Keelakkattoor, Thanjavur district (Tamilnadu, Bharat). He was grief stricken when his 12 year old son Prahalad died in an accident. He sought solace at the feet of Swami Chidbhavananda of Ramakrishna Tapovanam, Thirupparaithurai, Tamilnadu. The Swamiji consoled him saying, "God has put you to this test so that you could be at the  service of many more children". Thus was born the Sri Ramakrishna Middle School in the village. Kanakasabhai left his own surviving children under the care of his sister and devoted himself heart and soul in the development of the school. The school came up in good order thanks to the sacrifice and hard work put in by Kanakasabhai for 25 long years. Having reached the age of 78, he wanted to hand over the school to worthy persons. Other religionists were ready to give crores of Rupees for the school. But an unrelenting Kanakasabhai offered the school at the feet of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidyapeetam, Coimbatore. Contributed by Shri V.Manikandan in VIJAYABHARATHAM of  March 2, 2012.


A case of honesty and integrity has come to fore in Banglaore (Karnataka, Bharat). K Panduranga, an autorickshaw driver, returned to the police a bag containing Rs 5 lakh and important documents that was left in his auto by a passenger. Pavanacharya, a resident of Jaraganahalli, engaged Panduranga's autorickshaw on January 14 at 10 pm. He was carrying Rs 5 lakh for the medical treatment of his brother. But, he left the bag inside the auto while alighting from it. He then lodged a complaint with the J P Nagar Police stating that he had left the bag in the auto at about 11.30 pm that day. Police said that Panduranga promptly went to the police station the next day and handed over the bag. In turn, it was returned to Pavanacharya. The honest autorickshaw driver was honoured by the Police Department in recognition of his honesty in the city. Deputy Police Commissioner of Bangalore South, Sonia Narang appreciated Panduranga's honesty and honoured him with a letter of appreciation. THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, January 20, 2012.


NDA states have scored better than Congress governed states on various important parameters of development and good governance. This is one of the major findings of the THE SUNDAY INDIAN-ABACUS MARKET RESEARCH 'State of the States' survey conducted recently. The survey ranked 13 major states on quantifiable factors of good governance such as administrative reforms, communal harmony, e-governance, girl child education, industrialisation, investment in the state, law and order, public distribution system and public health services. Eight of these 13 states are led by non-Congress governments, while six of the non-Congress states are led by NDA. The remaining two are Orissa and Tamil Nadu which are governed by Biju Janta Dal and AIADMK respectively. According to the survey, Gujarat ranked first in terms of overall development whereas Himachal Pradesh topped the chart as the most investment friendly state. Chhattisgarh came first in terms of developing an effective public distribution system.The other winning states are: Bihar for law and order, Madhya Pradesh for girl child education, Karnataka for higher education, Orisa for administrative reforms, Tamil Nadu for industrialisation, - All these states are run by non – Congress governments. THE SUNDAY INDIAN February 4, 2012 .


Kumri Anita, a vanavasi (tribal) girl hailing from a village in Betul district (Madhya Pradesh, Bharat), was married off to one Shivram. Once at her in-laws' house, Anita was shocked to find that there was no toilet. She asked her husband to build one. But her request was rejected by her in-laws. Anita was enraged. She walked out of her husband's house just a couple of days after her wedding, saying that it was impossible for her to live in a house without a toilet. She went back to her native village, where she campaigned for a toilet in each house. On learning about this event, Sulabh International provided toilets in Anita's village. Says Shri Bindeshwar Pathak, president of Sulabh, " in appreciation of Anita's daring move in the cause of public health, we have decided to present her with an award and Rs 5 lakhs". We have appointed her as the brand ambassador of our company as well, he added.


Mittal Patadiya fought off assailants including one who stabbed her. Ask her to recount the incident that won her the prestigious Geeta Chopra Award, the girl from Ahmedabad (Gujarat, Bharat) doesn't talk about the 351 stitches on her wound but how she regrets the fact that one of the assailants managed to escape. On November 3, 2010, Tahiliani (Mittal's foster mother) answered the door after the bell rang. Standing outside was Ajit Singh, a driver she knew, and two other men. He asked for water. Mittal went to fetch it. The men then pushed Tahiliani inside and shut the door. They started beating her, demanding money. Mittal immediately caught one of the men by his hair. The miscreant stabbed her in the neck repeatedly. Blood oozing out of her neck, she held on to the man and managed to open the door. Neighbours caught Ajit Singh and one of the accomplices. Mittal is now called 'Jhansi ki Rani'. (This year (2012), 24 children - 8 girls and 16 boys – received the National Bravery Awards on the occasion of Republic Day. Mittal Patadiya is one aming them).