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Adam Osborne, as you may know, was the co-founder of Apple computers (along with Steve Jobs). A few years back, he wrote for Dataquest magazine, inter alia, thus: “I was raised in Tamilnadu in South India, in the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi, My English father and Polish mother were dedicated followers of Sri Ramana Maharishi. After all, how could anyone, even an English boy, grow up in Tiruvannamalai, in the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharishi, and not acquire a pride in his roots? I was surrounded by Indians who were proud of their nationality and heritage. They believed they had a lot to teach us Europeans. (Here the reference is to the ordinary Indian, the Indian proud of his nation). It is therefore with some misgivings that today I find myself dealing with Indians, many of whom do not feel proud of their Indianness. Indian Americans represent the wealthiest minority in America, ahead of Jewish Americans and Japanese Americans. This is a statistic and not an opinion. Indians are recognized throughout America as technically superior. Since the day Indians learn pride, India will rapidly move out of its third world status to become one of the world's industrial powers.”(Osborne returned to Bharat in search of solace and died in Kodaikkanal near Madurai).

Based on an email from Kalyan


Readers of the FRONTLINE magazine (of THE HINDU group) may remember how the then Rashtrapati Shri. K.R.Narayanan responded to an invitation from the Governer of Tamilnadu to His Excellency to stay in the Raj Bhavan in Chennai during the period of the President’s convalescence folowing an eye surgery at the Sankara Nethralaya of world renown. Shri. Narayanan declined the offer and is reported to have described the ambience in the Nethralaya as “homely”. This is obviously the outcome of dedication. Dedication by the employees and the management led by Dr. S.S. Badrinath. On occasions, such as Sri Kanchi Maha Swamigal Aradhana Day (falling in January), this dedication is symbolically expressed. Every year, almost all of the over 800 employees of Nethralaya contribute one day salary to their orginazation that day. This year, a few alumni of Sankara Nethralaya’s Post Graduate training centre also contributed on Maha Swamigal Aradhana Day “as their GURU DAKSHINA”, informs Shri. G. Shivaraman, Patient Relation Officer at the Nethralaya. More about Nethralaya: Now listen to what Shri. R.Venkataraman, another former President of Bharat, says: “In the late seventies, Shri. Deb Kant Barua, former president of the Congress party, consulted a leading eye specialst of Germany during his visit to that country. On studying the leader’s eye disorder, the doctor pointed out that the disorder could be rectified only after a major surgery and the facility for that was available in Bharat itself, in Chennai in particular and at the Sankara Nethralaya to be precise”.

Based on a FRONTLINE write up and on talks with Nethralaya officials.


At the Hannover fair in Germany, one of the largest engineering fairs in the world which opened on Monday, April 7, ELGI Equipments Ltd (EEL), one of the largest manufacturers of air compressors in Bharat, is showcasing what it claims to be “the world’s smallest screw air compressor.” Air compressors are used in sectors such as engineering, automobile, railways, defence, mines, textiles, construction, etc that needed air compressors to operate pneumatic tools, to start engines, lift, etc. Since the new screw air compressor is portable, companies can save on the infrastructure needed for operating conventional air compressors. The manufacture of such a compressor, which weigh only about 2 kg and is 4x4x4 inches in size, proves that Bharat can achieve a high level of sophistication in product development, an official of EEL asserted.

Based on a BUSINESS LINE news item.


Shri. R. Ethirajan, 34, computer operator in the Thiruvottiyur (in Chennai) branch of the Central Bank of India, has to his credit unavailed sick leave of 447 days (14 years), casual leave of 120 days(10 years), and 240 days of ordinary leave. In other words, he has created a record of sorts by working continuously without availing any leave for the past 10 years. All the same, Ethirajan is not tied down to his desk. He has been the table tennis champion (singles) among various branches of the bank in Southern India since 1992 and also the champion (singles) consecutively for 15 years among the 38 branches in the city. Ethirajan is also a regular writer to the ‘Letters to the Editor’ column in various newspapers on social issues. He is also a regular blood donor. The branch manager adds that Ethirajan is a customer- friendly person and lauds him for maintaining a proper balance between sports and work. The general manager of the bank appreciates, in an official note, his punctuality. Ethirajan joined the bank as a clerk in 1986. Media Centre, Chennai, will be honouring him on May 1, at the Prize – Distribution function following its competition for writers to the ‘Letter to the Editor’ column.

Based on The New Indian Express, April 3, 2003; idea courtesy: Shri.M. Veerachami’s Email.


Thalinji is a hamlet situated in the forest range of Udumalapet-Amaravati in Coimbatore district, Tamilnadu, Bharat. To reach Thalinji, you have to walk 5 miles in the dense forest of Champakkkadu. Thalinji is unique in that no resident of the hamlet owns any land. But the hamlet possesses 900 acres. One from each family cultivates a piece of land and takes home the produce. By a system of rotation, every piece of land is cultivated. River Thenaaru flowing close by the hamlet is perennial and so the villagers do not face any water problem. This agrarian organisation is the outcome of no economist. It is the beautiful tradition followed by the villagers -- of owning no land but participating in the collective endeavour.

Form an article by Shri. R.P. Murugesan in the Tamil Fortnightly Ore Naadu (March 1-15, 2003)