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Poornima, Kali Yugaabda 5111, VIRODHI Aippasi 16 (November 2, 2009)


Premraja, a Sri Lankan Tamil who had come from Denmark on a tour, hired an autorickshaw on July 26, from Gopalapuram to Teynampet. While getting down at the destination, the passenger forgot to take the suitcase containing Rs 1.87 lakh in both Indian and foreign currencies and passports. When Premraja realised that he left the suitcase with cash in the autorickshaw, he lodged a complaint at the Teynampet Police station. Meanwhile, auto driver Vel Murugan who found the suitcase in his vehicle returned it to the police control room. The police personnel alerted the Teynampet station which in turn informed the passenger. The Commissioner handed over the suitcase to its owner. Vel Murugan was rewarded for honesty by the Chennai City Police Commissioner T Rajendran.      NEWS TODAY (JULY 27, 2009)


People of India are sending petitions to the Hon'ble President of India to demand that the cow (Gomata) be declared as the `national animal' and cow slaughter be banned by law throughout India; this petition- campaign is part of the ongoing nationwide mass movement - `Vishwa Mangala Gau Grama Yatra'. Parents of the students of Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Mathur, near Manali (North Chennai) took active interest in collecting signatures on the petition. Father of Sayi Prasad of Class 2, is one such. All 5 of his family readily signed the petition. He also secured 10 signatures from his co-workers at his place of work. Sayi's mother, a working woman, took the petition slip to her office. She was amused when her colleagues refused to sign the petition saying they consume beef. The lady presented before those gentlemen the case of cow-based agriculture, agro-based village economy and the need to cherish the noble village culture based on cow and agro-crafts. The gentlemen, all 15 of them at the office that day, listened in rapt attention and silently signed the petition. They also voluntarily vowed that they won't touch beef ever again in their life. As narrated by Shri. G.Bhaktavatsalan of RSS to Team PANCHAAMRITAM


Nagini and her husband, Madan Lal of Mohalla Amarpura in Ludhiana (Punjab, Bharat), were in a very difficult situation after they came to know that their only son — 14-year old Durga Dass — had a huge hole in his heart. He was examined by Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, Head of Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery, at the prestigious Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. Dr Bedi realised that the hole was leading to a shunting of blood with resultant tremendous strain on the heart and lungs. Durga was not growing as his body was not getting enough blood. He needed an emergency surgery. His case was further complicated by the fact that he had a prior surgery for a defect of his food pipe at birth. The problem now was that his parents were unable to raise the finances even after a significant concession from the Institute. On getting to know of Durga's dilemma, some of previous patients of CMC contributed for the surgery. A major open-heart surgery was successfully performed after putting the body on a heart lung machine and stopping the heart. Durga Dass is now doing well. According to Dr Bedi, he should now have an absolutely normal life. He will be able to follow any profession of his choice and in fact can even join the Armed Forces as he is fully fit now.

Express News Service, July 24, 2009


Shri Nandakumar Sai (59) is a former president of Chattisgarh state unit of Bharatiya Janata Party. He has been elected to the Lok Sabha several times. He is in constant touch with his constituency and his interaction with the people is laced with utter sincerity. Once, during a visit to a village in his constituency, Nandakumar found a large number of people addicted to alcohol. He tried to persuade them to give up the habit. One of them retorted, `Can you live without salt in your food? Salt is indispensable to you; alcohol is indispensable to us!' Nandakumar resolved then and there that he will no more use salt in his food. Ever since, for 18 years, he has kept his vow. The moral force had the desired effect. The villagers gave up alcohol. That is the spirit with which grassroots level functionaries work and media should not fail to take note of this, in addition to covering the macro level happenings.

From a write up by Shri V. Shanmuganathan of BJP carried by THUGLAK, October 7, 2009.     


On Dhan Teras (the day preceding Deepavali, when families consider it auspicous to purchase precious metals), he had a date with destiny. But, Jugalkishore Jangid, 32, a carpenter of Ahmedabad (Gujarat, Bharat), who earns just Rs 7,000 a month, chose honesty over greed. When Jangid went to a Punjab National Bank ATM to withdraw cash on Thursday (October 15) early morning, he was shocked to find that he had suddenly turned into a 'crorepati'. His balance had jumped from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 59.30 crore. "I thought it was a mistake and went to another ATM, but it was the same," he said.  He still couldn't believe it, so visited another ATM after two hours, but the result was the same. He contacted his friend Anuj Shekani, who took him to a Chartered Accountant, and, on his advice, to Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry executive committee member Durgesh Buch. Buch informed the bank authorities, who approached the bank's headquarters in Delhi and confirmed that a technical error in the server had caused the transfer. They have planned to felicitate Jangid for his honesty.              

THE TIMES OF INDIA, October 16, 2009 and